The EARTH MOVES garden …

Think flat pack garden, think ‘off-the-shelf’, think Ikea of the gardening world. Imagine a designed garden installed in a few weeks at a more affordable rate.

Earth Moves is a brand new product aimed specifically at long, skinny, rectangular gardens (typically those in Victorian terraced properties) up to 25m (80ft) long and 6m (20ft) wide.

The Earth Moves garden is designed for clients with a fairly limited budget, who want the look and feel of an Earth Designs garden but possibly can’t afford the costs involved in bespoke garden design.

Earth Designs is preparing 6 designs to choose from, each differing in shape and layout at fixed cost. Within each design you have the flexibility to choose between several different types of paving or decking, different features or planting schemes, helping you to create a unique, affordable space.

This product is still in development and is expected to retail at around £10-12,000. The price will be based upon the site in question being cleared and level, with a sound perimeter and good access – basically a blank canvas ready for work to begin. If necessary, Earth Designs is able to clear and level the site – however, this will incur additional costs.

Extra features such as water, lighting and electrics, sculpture and bespoke furniture can be added into the design at extra cost.

Please contact us for prices and further information.

All of our gardens are designed on an individual basis to fit your personality and lifestyle.