East London Garden Design Diary: Week 5 2014

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East London Garden Design - what's on the board this week

East London Garden Design – what’s on the board this week

This week Katrina has been busy in the our East London garden design studio putting the finishing touches to our Frida Kahlo inspired garden design in east London.  The design of the outdoor home brew cupboard has now been signed off by the client and is ready to be budgeted. The planting scheme has also been finished. Katrina hopes to present the finished project to them next week.

Katrina visited a potential client in Blackheath. The space requires some attention as the client has spent their time renovating other areas of the house since they purchased it a couple of years ago. They are keen to have a large water feature and a putting green included in the design. The concept drawing extends their existing decking and includes a bench seat under a mature acer. Also included is a fire pit in the centre of the space to create an intimate area for relaxation. The planting scheme would be simple and low maintenance but stylish and full of impact. The client is currently reviewing his budget and will confirm whether he would like to proceed to the next stage.

Katrina has contracted a garden design for clients based in west London. They are looking for a London garden designer to help them get the most out of the garden in their newly purchased property. Extensive works are currently underway on the interior of the house, including a cellar conversion and a glass structure on the back of the house. The client’s requirements include decking to help create a linear continuity from the interior to the garden, and the concept drawing also features raised bed seating. A large Buddha water feature statue acquired by the client in Bali will take center stage in the garden, complemented by a long pebble rill running the length of the garden. A pergola in the back left hand corner will accommodate sun loungers or a table for use as a family space.

Matt continues work on the build of our east London garden design. The construction at the site in Walthamstow has been hampered severely by the wet weather. He is now almost finished building the complicated decking structure cladding the pond and pond filter, and should be finished this phase in the next few days.

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