East London Garden Design Week 15 2015

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Essex and East London Garden Design Diary Week 15 2015

Essex and East London Garden Design Diary Week 15 2015

The Garden design for Romania is now complete and has been emailed to the client so that they are able to start construction. The site itself is to be used as an event venue mainly for children’s parties. It features a forest, a dining terrace, a large sweeping entrance, down structure, and an outdoor theatre. Katrina has also included in the design a large outdoor musical instrument, an outdoor cinema and a fire pit.

Works are continuing in West London.

Katrina has also been busy this week completing the garden design for East London. The client has a small terraced property garden which she wishes to have landscaped as the first job in developing her property. Katrina is currently working on designs for bird and wildlife friendly planting.

As a result of some targeted marketing, enquiries are flooding in for garden design in Leigh on Sea. Katrina has a series of garden design consultations lined up for the next few weeks with plenty of design work to keep her busy in the studio.

Katrina has also helped her parents-in-law with a pre-planning application for Melton Mowbray Council by using Google sketch up.

There have been lots of enquiries regarding Katrina’s Garden Design Course for students later in the year. Katrina runs a series of garden design courses for students wishing to learn google sketch up for garden design