East London Garden Design Diary: Week 14 2014

garden design

Matt has now finished the garden build in Highgate, London.

He has returned to finish an ongoing site that was done in several stages over the years as extensive basements works were being undertaken. He needed to put the lights in and complete a small area of mosaic paving. The garden is now complete and the client can finally enjoy it in its entirety.

WOTB wk14 2014 copy

Works have started in the East London Garden Design. The brewery garden has been cleared and the footings for the walls have been dug.

The planting in East London on the Walthamstow garden build has finally been completed and the garden is now finished in its entirety. Thee step over fruit trees just need to go in and then the client is able to sign off the garden.

Katrina has contracted two new designs this week:

The first for a garden design in Leytonstone. The client is having some artificial lawn laid and now wishes to turn their attention to the plants. They only plan to live in the house for a few more years and the space is relatively small and has challenges from an large fir tree and unsightly view to the neighbouring garden.

The second design was for a client who wanted a garden design in Woodford. They are keen to get back into gardening and relandscape their space. They want a space with an informal cottage feel where they can also grow vegetables. The clients husband is a builder so they are just looking for Earth designs to provide a scheme and supply the plants.

Katrina went to present to our clients for the garden design in Loughton. They were delighted with the design and are now in negotiation with Matt about start dates and budget for the works to start later in the year.