Help! We need an East London garden designer to fix our space.

garden design

This client had a real love of all thing art deco. They had recently purchased the house and were looking for an East London garden designer to help transform their space from drab to fab. Katrina, the East London garden designer took inspiration for this design from a bureau the clients adore. It had typical art deco motifs on it  and they lent themselves beautifully to a design. The site was tricky as it was North east facing and shaded by the house as well. It was exceptionally shady for most of the day apart from the back left corner. Level changes across the space also required some thought.

Neighbouring trees and buildings meant that sunshine was limited, so the design needed to squeeze the seating area into the far back corner to try to maximise use of the space. The design uses planting and a mixture of surfacing materials to create Art deco motifs, while the existing raised beds to the sides are retained and graded to combat the existing level changes. Box balls, sandstone spheres and illuminated globes of various sizes further emphasise the strong art deco themes. A shed is positioned in the bottom left of the space for storage, hidden from site from the rest of the house.

E17 scamp