East London roof garden – What shall we do?

garden design

This really was a garden with a view. This East London roof garden overlooked the City with a backdrop of the Docklands in the distance, providing an amazing vista.

It had a very exposed deck with little on it apart from a large outdoor sofa and the client was struggling to find inspiration. He was keen to use the least exposed area down the side of the terrace for fruit and veg growing.

I suggested building a slightly raised area to enable the client to see over the top of the boundary to make the most of the magnificent view beyond. This structure would be built from lightweight wood composite and will have a framework onto which awnings can be added to provide shelter from the elements. Greenery will be provided by a variety of wind tolerant plants in assorted lightweight planters.

Access would of course need to be considered in the build as the only way to get to the East London roof garden was internally via a lift so everything would need to be brought up this way. Building permits were also something to think about with the client being unsure what she was allowed to attach to the building. Maintenance was also needed some thought as the client was using this place as a second abode and was unsure how long he would be staying at the property at anyone time.

East London roof garden