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They are now turning their attention to the back garden.

There is a large concrete garage at the bottom of the space, which they intend to remove and extend the garden to reclaim some the land(which they own) in the access road beyond. There is an existing raised hardwood deck adjoining the house which is in good condition and the client’s are happy to retain.

The new design should include provision for the client’s children.


A existing decking will be cleaned to restore some of the original colour. The existing railings will be removed and replaced with a close row of 800mm tall GRP fibreglass planters containing a variety of culinary herbs. These planters will form an effective safety barrier while lending the garden a splash of year round colour.

A panel of dark grey Matt Perspex from the Naturals range will be a fixed to the neighbouring wall on the left hand side of the decking to create a simple yet stylish backdrop to the space.

The landscaping in the main garden will be based on a series of oval shapes. Closest to the decking will be an elliptical lawn laid with real turf, bordered around the right hand side by a granite sett path leading towards the existing tree.

A series of 400 mm oak cubes will be positioned through this bed, spaced close enough together to allow the children to jump between them during play. A second oval shaped lawn, this one laid with artificial grass, will be large enough to accommodate children’s play equipment, a paddling pool or table and chairs.

A series of timber arches fitted with monkey bars will arc round the right side of this lawn, to enable the children to swing across a planting bed filled with low growing plants.

An oval trampoline will be positioned in the back left-hand corner and an apex roof timber shed installed in the right corner. A new fence and gate will be installed at the rear of the garden, to enclose and define the new boundary.

Towards the bottom left side of the garden there will be an area allocated to home growing, including a couple of espalier fruit trees.

Planting will be year-round evergreens and herbaceous perennials leading towards a wildlife theme. Apple and pear espalier and a variety of climbers will soften the boundary fences and a Japanese cherry blossom will be included to add balance and structure as well as semi-screening for the trampoline.

family garden design
family garden design