Essex Garden Design Diary: Contemporary Garden Design Week 4 2014

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Essex Garden Design

The creative work for our current Essex garden design is now complete and Matt is currently compiling the budget and scope of works. The garden in Woodford features a spiral motif in a paved patio, an artist studio, raised beds and long flowering plants. The clients live in Austria so Katrina will present to them via email, towards the end of the week.


The first stages of the garden design in east London have been drawn. The client is a keen home brewer so we are creating a bespoke brewery cupboard so she is able to facilitate her hobby in the garden. The rest if the space is to have a ‘day of the dead’ /Frida Kahlo inspired theme. Katrina hopes to continue working in this over the coming week.


A second revision has been submitted to the client for his garden design in North London. The garden is an awkward shaped plot over eve dal levels. The client is hoping to achieve self sufficiency from the plot and requires lots of raised beds as well as a rain water harvesting system. Katrina is awaiting feedback before progressing to the next stage of the design process.


Matt continues to work on the garden design in Walthamstow, where he is completing stage 4 of the project. He is two thirds of the way through creating a custom-built decked platform to hide a very large and unsightly filter unit for the client’s existing pond. The work also entails cladding the pond in decking to improve its appearance. Once this is complete we need to install lighting and erect a rusted mesh screen to finish this stage of the works.