Essex garden designer tries a hat on for size…

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Essex Garden Designer

 Our Essex garden designer used flow and form for the main themes of this concept design based on the spiral loops of this Philip Treacy creation. The stylised, solid nature of the hat would lend its form perfectly to many gardens. A sandstone circle patio forms the focal point of the design from which concentric circles emanate. Sandstone is a great choice for a lot of gardens as it is readily available in a wide variety of colours and will not deteriorate in sunlight in the way some pigmented concrete reproduction stones can.

Sandstone setts form the basis for the meandering pathway designed for promenading through the space. Planting could be along a ‘plant finders’ theme, so large tree ferns, gunneras, Lillies and other exotics can pack the beds in this garden. However such a scheme would be fairly high maintenance so for the majority of clients the Essex garden designer would recommend a slightly modified scheme with planting varieties that do not need so much attention

A pergola offers a rest place and somewhere to step out of the spiral pathways, an ideal place to pause, read or socialise. The covered space would allow the user to enjoy the garden shaded from the sun or sheltering from the rain. This encompassing garden would suit any size of space. Its simplicity means that it could grow in size to suit a family garden.