Essex & London Garden Designer Diary – Week 1

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Essex & London Garden Designer Diary

Happy New Year! So we start the year with many live new projects.

Kat has designed the front and back gardens for a client in Leytonstone, East London. The client has asked for the front garden to be done first with a view to doing the back in the coming months. The client would like a drive so the whole plan is set on a 45° angle. Matt and his team have started work on the landscaping and will pave with Indian sandstone slabs accentuated with box hedge.

That second project is for a garden design in Wansted. The garden is quite complicated as it is over two levels and the height difference is 1 1/2 m. The main garden on the lower level consists of grass, large Indian sandstone patio, and deep flower beds. The client is also having a pergola and a shed installed.

The third project is for a garden design in Leigh-on-Sea. The client contacted Earth Designs looking for a garden designer in Essex. This complicated space over two levels features a patio 1.5m higher than the lawn area below. The client himself is quite handy and wishes to undertake parts of the project himself, however the main structural works and the hard landscaping is being completed by Earth Designs.

Katrina has completed a few designs at the end of last year. One was for a garden design in Chelmsford, Essex. The client wishes to completely change the space to complement the interior of the house. Katrina designed a family garden complete with cut out laser screens and a patio. The design means the whole space is set on a 45° angle to create an optical illusion of depth.

Katrina also completed a garden design in Thorpe Bay in Essex. The client hadn’t touched the garden for a number of years so was keen to give it an update. They had recently purchased a summer house at the Hampton Court flower show and were looking to utilise it at the rear end of the garden. This would create depth to the space and give the end of the garden a sense of focus and purpose. In between will be a large patio with a circular stone seating area which will integrate well with the summer house in the design. Raised circular flower beds will be built into the side of the patio to give depth and structure.

Katrina also designed a planting scheme for Thorpe Bay. This front garden was large and providing parking for up to 4 vehicles. Existing planting was tired and boring, and the client wishes to make the front of the house more presentable and more exciting. Katrina has chosen lush green planting that complements the modern architecture of the house and utilises the afternoon sun.

Katrina and Matt are waiting to hear back about the go-ahead on all of these projects.