Essex Garden and Landscape Design Diary: Week 4 2015

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Essex Landscape Design Diary week 4 2015

We have stepped up our marketing drive at the Shedquarters this week, actively promoting our services in  Essex garden and landscape design.  A series of articles we have written for the Evening Echo are due to be published over the next few weeks. We will also be appearing in the February edition of Oracle Magazine, a local glossy publication which goes to households in the Leigh-on-Sea and Thorpe Bay areas.

We are about to contract our first new build job of the year. We produced a Moroccan-inspired contemporary garden design for these west London clients and presented to them last week. The clients have recently bought the Notting Hill property and would like to landscape the garden asap to enable them to get the interior refitted once the the garden is complete. Given the urgency (and because the client spends a lot of time abroad so had limited availability to meet) we worked quickly to complete the design package in an unusually short amount of time.  Katrina presented to the client at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Friday and they have just confirmed that they would like to proceed with the build.

Work has almost finished on our garden build in Walthamstow. The construction is complete and we are just awaiting delivery of plants to complete the project. We should be returning on Monday to carry out plant installation.

We have just started work on our new project in Hackney. The build is for a modern convent building in the heart of the east end. Due to budget restraints, as the convent is funded by charitable donations, the project is an augmentation of the existing courtyard rather than a complete re-design. It features two ovals of artificial lawn set into the existing paving and several large railway sleeper raised beds to enable the elderly nuns to easily engage in some fruit and flower gardening.  The team began work by removing three established trees (and their roots) by hand… just the thing to work up a sweat on a freezing winter’s day!

Our Facebook page continues to grow at a pace – again with Katrina targeting the local area in a bid to raise our profile in Essex Garden and Landscape Design. If you haven’t already done so, please stop by and give us a like in order to check out our current offers and promotions.