Essex landscape design ideas – Philip Treacy hat

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Essex landscape design

This elegant Art Deco inspired design would suit most Essex landscape design. It has the potential to be scaled to fit any space and added or subtracted from as the user sees fit.

A large circular lawn is inlaid with a sandstone paved circle. This offers lots of options. The grass could be real or artificial if low-maintenance were required. Sandstone is widely available all over the country and comes in a wide variety of colour allowing you to match up interior furnishings as you so wish.

Pathways constructed from sandstone setts will snake out like tentacles to the corners of the garden. At the end of each of the pathway would be a circular deck, giving plenty of scope for multiple uses of the space. The various patios could be used for dining, relaxation, a place to site a hot tub, a hammock or outdoor beanbag. This garden would be especially nice viewed from above and would also be suited to a front garden design, where the lawn could be replaced by decorative aggregate and used as a driveway.