Diary of Essex Landscaper – Week 7 2014

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Diary of a London and Essex Garden Design Company

Diary of a London and Essex Garden Design Company

Katrina went to present the garden design in East London this week and the clients were delighted: ‘Many thanks for preparing such an exciting garden design and such a thorough quote for us.  Katrina – thank you for all your patience taking us through the garden design yesterday. We are very pleased with the design and keen to go ahead.’

The project is based on a Freida Kahlo inspired space and includes raised benches and a cupboard for home brewing.

Katrina and Matt are continuing to plough through the project in North London. The second set of revisions has been returned and we are responding to the client’s changes. The garden is complex and on several levels so is a complex design to achieve as there are a lot of practical issues to consider.

Katrina conducted a garden design consultation in Walthamstow on Saturday. The client requested a visit after struggling with the large garden in the property they bought recently. The east facing space is wide with a slope across the garden, and the clients were finding it tricky to crack in terms of a concept. They both have a love of the Art Deco style, so Katrina worked with this as a concept to carve the space up with traditional Art Deco inspired shapes and lines, working in some fruit trees and raised bed area as well.

Also in our London garden design studio is the contemporary Asian inspired garden in west London. The plans are nearly finalised with just the planting and lighting schemes to finish. Matt is working on the budget and liaising with the architects ready for Katrina to present next week.

Katrina has been contacted by a landscaper based in Northern Ireland who would like to work collaboratively with Earth Designs in the design stage of his process. He is a fan of Katrina’s style of gardens and feels that they fall in line with what his clientele are interested in. He has asked Katrina if she would design for him remotely leaving him free to produce quotes and build the gardens for his clients.

We have booked a short garden design course for a lady wishing to start out in the garden design business. She will be attending the Creative course in April, followed by our Google Sketchup course in May.

Matt is trying to get finished on our garden landscape in Walthamstow, but the weather has been hampering his efforts. The finishing touches to this phase of the project are nearly done and we will be returning in a couple of weeks to install plants and lay lawn.

He has also been busy producing various quotes for smaller projects, including replacement of storm damages fencing, a quote for Essex Landscaper.