Essex & London Garden Design Blog – Week 24

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Essex & London Garden Design BlogThe Earth Designs team have had a great week and won two new garden designs in London!

The first is for a garden design in South London. The client would like to re-design their garden incorporating a home office and a trampoline for the kids. They have a large oak tree in the back garden which has a tree preservation order on it so this will need to be worked into the design. They are happy to reduce the size of the lawn and would like the design to be modern, fresh and in line with their recent interior refit.

The second client had a garden design in East London. It is a difficult plot as it is much lower than the interior of the house. It has a veranda running along the front of the back door. They have a disused rockery in the back left hand corner of the garden and the large shed is currently in the sunniest part of the garden. The design will relocate the shed to reclaim some sunshine back, replace the decking and incorporate lots of new flower beds.

Katrina continues to work for the family garden design in Brentwood, Essex. It is a large plot and includes both front and back garden. A children’s play zone has been incorporated into the design so the client’s children can play happily in a well thought out safe area. Katrina wants to ensure the clients are 100% happy with the family garden design so has been exchanging emails throughout the week.

Katrina has also started work, on the garden design in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Katrina emailed the client a proposal as again there is split-level space. The Earth Designs build team plan to work with the existing levels but extend them and relocate the steps to allow for more space. This will make the route down to the main lower area of the garden easier to navigate.

Jo continues to work on the website update and is making good progress. News of the launch date to follow soon!

Jo has been busy getting stuck into the social media side of things and you should soon see Earth Designs featuring on more platforms, we’ll keep you posted.

An Earth Designs garden will be featured in next month’s (August) Real Homes magazine! The magazine will be out on 25th June so have a read and tell us what you think!