Essex & London Garden Design Diary – Week 39

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Essex Garden Design Diary WOTB wk39 2015

Katrina completed a garden design in Chelmsford, Essex on Saturday. The client had undergone extensive renovations to the interior of their property and was looking to make the next steps towards renovating their garden. They had a wide space but it was very shallow and with two young boys, they were keen to maximise the lawn area for them to play on. The client signed up for the design and Matt is due to return to do the site survey in the coming week.

Katrina continues to work on the modern Japanese garden design in North London which is beginning to take shape. The client has a long thin plot and they wish to include plenty of texture and leafy lush greenery. Katrina is just putting together the planting and lighting scheme with a view to presenting to the client in the coming week.

Matt and the build team are getting stuck into our garden design in Thorpe Bay and making the most of the indian summer weather. The fireplace is constructed and is ready to be tiled. The plants have been ordered and should be delivered in a week or so and the area for the lawn is being prepped ready for ordering turf next week.