Garden design hotline #15: A family garden design in Chelmsford

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Earth Designs was called by couple looking for a garden design in Chelmsford. They had lived at the property a number of years but wanted to go the extra mile. Established in parts, they wanted to work with a couple of existing trees to give maturity to the space. Katrina, senior designer at Earth Designs, went to the property to come up with the garden they had always dreamed of.

Garden design in Chelmsford

The garden design in Chelmsford


A family garden

There were three children living at the property, so Katrina proposed a good-sized lawn. The couple wanted an area to look great from the house, so Katrina suggested partitioning the garden and creating an area at the back of the garden that could house the children’s play equipment. Walkway tunnels between the areas helped to create the feeling of transition and give the garden a childlike quality. The planting separated the two lawns and gave partial screening of the play equipment.

Curving it round

The clients wanted to get away from the boxy garden layout, but liked a traditional cottage-style garden. Katrina suggested a series of ellipses to divide up the space. The lawn nearest to the house would accommodate the existing magnolia tree. A large oval of decking would house a fixed bench seat and table, suitable for family dining.

Grow your own

The family were very keen on having a go at growing some vegetables. Katrina suggested that the area towards the bottom of the garden would be a great place for this. She proposed incorporating not only a greenhouse, but also raised beds and integrated table and chairs. Fruit, especially as trees, were proposed for the back boundary, whilst beans could be grown on a tunnel made from A142 mesh.

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