Family garden design – Hanging out with the family…

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Family garden design - Hanging out with the family

It’s lovely when you find a product that suits all members of the family. So often in family garden design the temptation to create age specific areas can dominate a garden design. There is something very childlike about the garden, and many people’s first memories are of times spent in gardens, so I am always a big fan of anything that crosses the age divide and allows adults to engage in child like behaviour. Garden swings are great for that – the simple act of swinging is timeless and ageless. And hammocks combine swinging with comfort, to produce something where people want to relax and spend time rocking in the space, sleeping, reading or just simply chilling.

The manufacturers of these inviting Le Beanock hammocks, claim that they are: ‘… the 21st century solution to stylish lounging. Take the unbeatable comfort of that 60s design classic, the beanbag, and swing it from the ceiling to create the ultimate relaxation and chill-out zone. LE BEANOCK™ has been developed to be the ultimate in relaxation, marvellous for meditation. You will experience the true meaning of relaxation as LE BEANOCK soothes away your stress. Enjoy the sensation of ‘floating’.

They would be great for slinging under a tree, under a pergola or within a timber cube. They can also be supplied with their own frame meaning that they can be placed just about anywhere you desire.