Family Garden Design refurbishment for fun times

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This large, awkwardly shaped family garden is being redesigned as part of the overall house refurbishment.

Extensive changes made to the interior of the property and the client wishes to reflect that in the exterior.

The client is having several trees removed, and wishes to maintain privacy in the space. A garden room is to be included in the scheme, as well as several areas for relaxation and dining.


The design for this family garden, juxtaposes features installed on a parallel plain to the house, with paving installed at a 45° angle.

The proposed outbuilding in the left-hand corner will be constructed parallel to the boundary from which a patio laid with 60 cm square porcelain pavers will extend across the garden and around the back and side of the house.

The patio will be separated by a flush hardwood decking walkway, running up the garden from the house, that bends left, spanning a sunken water feature, comprising a reservoir, and along the house.

Directly outside the main family room will be an inviting seating area.

One highlight will be the pleached evergreen Laurel Prunus Laurocerasus ‘Novita’ trees .

The family garden is in a conservation area and as such, many of the trees have preservation orders, the trees will be a mixture of evergreens and herbaceous perennials to provide longevity.

Tall slender planters arranged in a line along the decked pathway will lead to three arches constructed from solid timber beams, which spans the space and will be attached to the side of the outbuilding.

The garden’s colour scheme will combine purples and reds with natural browns from the wood and porcelain paving

The boundaries will be replaced with red cedar slatted privacy fence screens in a continuous unbroken run.

family garden design
family garden design