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A family garden in Essex adds sophistication

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This client had a family garden in Essex that required a brand new design. Our senior garden designer, Katrina Kieffer-Wells, gave them a free consultation to come up with solutions for the plot.

Ideas for a family garden in Essex

Essex family garden ideas

A modern family garden in Essex

The interior of the property had been refurbished and included some fabulously architectural angles. Katrina wanted to bring that out into the garden and extended the wall out into the space across the main area of decking. An area of decking also ran off to the left-hand side of the boundary, extending the vertical lines and creating flow throughout the space. A bench and table would be positioned in this area for leisurely family dining.

Rattan three piece suite for family garden in Essex

An example of rattan furniture in one of our other garden designs

Retaining garden walls

An L-shaped retaining wall enclosed the main entertaining area. Nestled in to the right-hand corner would be a rattan sofa, offering a soft-seating option. Directly opposite the main back wall, a water blade was to be mounted into the wall, offering a stunning focal point visible from the front door. The water would fall into an aggregate rill, and be covered in Perspex or a glass walking platform.

Space for the family

Beyond the main dining area, a large area of lawn would fill the rest of the space. Artificial grass would minimise maintenance, and a myriad of children’s play equipment could be placed on it without compromising the lawn quality. Three large archways, each receding in width, work to allow a choice of children’s play equipment to be hung from them, provide shade, or to create a den.

Fibreglass planters for family garden in Essex

Fibreglass planters add a funky modernity to the garden

Privacy from other neighbours

Privacy is often a problem in small urban gardens, and this was no exception. In this Essex garden design, Katrina proposed that a series of fibreglass planters be positioned along the rear boundary, and contain silver birch trees. This raised the planting height by 1m and also gave further screening above the fence height.

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