FREE CLINIC: Garden Design in Westcliff-on-Sea

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The client contacted Earth Designs about a garden design in Westcliff-on-Sea. They had lived in the house for a number of years and having recently retired had a lot more time to spend in the garden. They wanted to start by re ordering the space and needed some practical garden design advice as to how to solve the problem.

The side return was wide enough to comfortably house their newly bought patio table and chairs, so we suggested a series of elliptical patios constructed from random lay Indian sandstone. The boundary fence offered little in the way of screening from the neighbours upstairs window and they also wished to make use of a borrowed view technique by having a slightly exposed boundary onto the wide passage beyond the fence.


We suggested a wooden framework feature with several apertures which could be filled with a selection of differing objects, climbing plants, mesh cages containing pebbles or shells, planters, chain curtain. This would create a lot of textural interest as well as offering the opportunity to expose and conceal as required. The could also erect shade sails to combat the privacy issue.

An arced pathway winds through the space past two offset elliptical lawns and terminates in an already established (and much loved by the client) area at the bottom. The pathway crosses over a pond which features a stainless steel ball fountain and leads to an outpost like pod at bottom of the garden suitable for a quiet read or somewhere to relax with a friend.

family garden design
family garden design