Free Garden Design Advice: A Garden on levels.

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This client has a very steep garden and is looking for a garden design using terracing. There is approximately 3 metres height difference from front to back, over a distance of about 50 metres. The client has attempted to create terracing but is struggling to achieve a coherent, usable space. Earth Designs has suggested a handrail or some sort of barrier is essential for the lower areas, as the drop from levels 1 to 2 is about 1.5 m and highly dangerous if someone were to fall. A glass barrier, railing or timber balustrade could be included, depending on budget, with trailing plants in front of the barrier to soften it up.

The layout of the second area could as existing with two deep planting beds and deep, sweeping stairs. However, the current retaining walls may need inspecting for structural integrity.

We suggested an large area of lawn on the next terrace. The client wanted somewhere to grow vegetables, so we suggested incorporating raised beds. The bottom of the garden is where the slope is steepest, so would benefit from deep terraced raised beds constructed from railway sleepers, to provide further vegetable beds.

The best view of the surrounding area is from the top of the garden at the bottom, so we suggest a decked area and a den to encourage users to make the effort to go to the bottom of the garden to catch the last of the evening sun.

family garden design
family garden design