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This client contacted for help creating a family garden design for their house in Lancashire. They have lived in the house for several years and had approached the garden in a piecemeal manner. They have two young children and wish to combine an aesthetic horticultural display alongside play equipment and storage capabilities. I have suggested they downsize the large trampoline. Although it gets a lot of use, it takes up a quarter of the garden and gives very little room to achieve any of the client’s other requirements. By sinking a trampoline into the ground, it will make the vista from the conservatory more pleasant.

The clients have stated the existing grass gets very muddy to the point where the children need to remove their clothes after playing. Earth Designs has suggested they replace the grass with artificial lawn to combat this problem. A series of decking circles allows access from the conservatory to the side door and lead to a patio area housing a curved bench seat constructed from metal gabions filled with a variety of objects. This bench will be backed with a raised bed to accommodate a herb garden.

Sketch for Family Garden

An arced pathway curves around the garden encircling a lawn on one side and also alternate archways facing into the garden. These help to create height in the space as well as providing a frame for a swing, climbing plants or a specimen plant framed in the archway next to the bed. This pathway leads down the garden to the raised bed at the bottom, planted up with seasonal fruit and veg.

The shed constructed by the husband is to remain and a sweeping raised bed, incorporating a decked seat on the curve backed with A 142 mesh to allow the client to display a piece of sculpture she has had her eye on. An ellipse of decking edges the front of the conservatory, incorporating a sunken pit, ideal for sand, water or balls, with a lid to allow for safety and hygiene.

family garden design
family garden design