Free Garden Design Advice : Front Garden Design

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This client was struggling with a front garden design. She had bought her house a few years previously and spent time renovating the interior to a high standard. Over time her council had issued increasing amounts of large wheelie bins, which she stores in her front garden, until she had three large bins which desperately needed disguising. There is also a problem with rubbish being dumped in her garden by passers-by.

Earth designs suggested making a series of timber boxes. The client states she rarely accesses the rubbish bin, so we have tucked that away on the corner of the space with a concertina door that opens out onto the street allowing bin men ease of access on bin day. The other two bins will be accessed from within the garden. Planters constructed on top of the bin store add interest and soften the appearance of the bin store. This bin arrangement will form part of the boundary of the garden.

Brick built planters of staggered heights will further break up the space and contain a variety of planting, including some architectural specimens. The floor could be enhanced with reclaimed Victorian geometric tiles typical of the era.

family garden design
family garden design