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We were contacted by a couple looking for some Free Garden Design advice for their garden in Devon. The existing garden has structure, however it is does not suit their circumstances and they would like to revise the design. They love curves and spirals and would like this to be the main motif throughout the space. They also wish to grow vegetables and would like to make more use of the area adjoining the existing swimming pool. An existing mature hedge splits the garden in two and needs to be removed to allow maximum usability.

The new design features a spiral of hoggin adjoining the back door, big enough to accommodate a large table and eight chairs and accentuated by a curved herb bed. A pergola running down the left hand side of the garden brings height to the space. Beyond the pergola is an elliptical lawn which helps to widen the garden and provide a backdrop for planting beds. A slate pathway arcs around the edge of the elliptical lawn.

A slate monolith sculpture provides screening between the front and back of the garden, providing a focal point from the back of the house. The hoggin spiral flooring terminates at the swimming pool, where it will be wide enough to accommodate sunloungers. Two existing palm trees to either side of the pool help to frame the entrance to the pool.

family garden design
family garden design