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This client contacted us for a garden design for their property in Oxfordshire. They have recently moved in and want to make best use of the fairly bland garden. It has a few good features, such as several mature trees and a lovely stone wall along the rear boundary, however overall the garden is fairly dull and the client wants to create a wow factor garden that reflects the exceptionally modern décor of the house interior. We suggest that they follow the simple, stylish monochrome colour scheme as the interior.

Directly adjoining the house will be a granite sett patio enclosed by a pergola over which climbers will be encouraged to grow. This area will be divided slightly by path created from hoggin or similar self-binding aggregate, which nestles next to a second patio laid with jet black limestone slabs. Raised beds in this section will help to create the ‘outdoor room’ look which is so popular in today’s modern gardens.

A white Perspex screens dotted through flush level beds create a stylish backdrop to the planting. The hoggin path leads to a second paved area, again laid with granite setts, and continues to a slightly raised paved area at the rear of the garden. This area benefits from raised beds with fixed bench seating, with the existing stone wall providing an attractive backdrop to the space.

Further Perspex screens help to add interests to the planting beds, which will be filled with only two or three plant species to add a modern minimalist look. Grasses nestle with Lavender will help to contemporise the space and add year round interest. Added interest at the back end of the garden could be provided by the inclusion of a water feature.

family garden design
family garden design