The Garden Design Clinic opens its doors

garden design

This is the type of request we get sent in through our postal design service. Whilst the Garden Design Clinic is not as comprehensive and the Garden Postal Design, you can see the sort of information that we get sent and our long distance response to it. The Garden Postal Design comes with a comprehensive questionnaire and the response is in the form of a scale plan and accompanying planting schemes.

Andrew and Lesley Bray wrote to us to ask for our help with their garden in Leamington Spa. They had some decking which the wished to retain and wanted a small child friendly garden. They also wanted a modern and contemporary garden in which to entertain friends and relax.

They had a change in levels to cope with so some consideration needed to be given to how to create a level patio and to divide the lawn. They also requested a herb garden.

Earth Designs responded to the Brays with a clean contemporary garden, Curves soften the space, whilst the raised bed added extra height and helped define the lawn.

The tall mesh placed within the  raised beds helped to add height and drama to the space whilst the soft repetition of the circles helped to link the conservatory with the existing decking.

If you would like to check in with the Garden Design Clinic, please send us a few photos of your garden, along with a rough hand drawn sketch of the layout (it doesn’t need to be to scale), we will then post our response via the free garden design consultation on-line service available on our blog. We are only able to provide you with a concept drawing, should you require a more detailed scale plan and planting scheme please look at our Postal Garden Design service available on our website.