Funky Outdoor Furniture – havin’ a ball!

garden design

Outdoor furniture can make or break a garden. Often bought as an afterthought, it really should be considered from the outset. If you have a small garden and the patio is right outside your door it is worth making sure the furniture is attractive and desirable. You should also ask yourself if you would want to sit on it all day. Many people make the assumption that table and chairs are the ‘done’ thing. However if it was a choice of one or the other in my garden, I would rather have a sofa than a dining chair. I am happy to eat fork food or a burger in a bun on a sofa rather than try and relax on an upright chair.

Don’t be deflated! The Airball armchair, designed by Alberto Brogliato and produced in Italy by Plust, ticks all the boxes. Its whimsical nature makes it playful and fun and yet it looks comfy and inviting to sit on. The beauty with this item is that it also offers exciting lighting possibilities – it is available with an outdoor lighting kit to light up your garden with a glow at night or a RGB colour change LED kit for internal use. The chair would be great to add to a modern roof garden, or to make a sprawling lawn more kooky and fun. This is an inviting chair, one that needs to be sat on, and I am definitely adding it to my accessories scrapbook.

outdoor furniture