Unusual Furniture in Garden Design – The Topiary Collection

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Whatever your choice, guaranteed you will want somewhere to sit in your garden, albeit a bench, daybed, loungers or chair. Many option are available to you, but as furniture in a garden design can be something that defines the project its important to get it right. Bulky furniture can be imposing. In-built benches offer storage options if you’re short on space. Do you want to sit up or lie down in a garden?

More than just a seat

Unusual furniture in garden design – the Topiary Collection


Why go for standard boring wooden (or worse, plastic) furniture in garden design when you can choose something like this beautiful intricate Topiary series. Richard Schultz designed the Topiary collection to look like shrubs pruned to look like furniture. The whimsical pieces act as light filters, disappearing into nature and creating patterns of dappled sun on the ground below.

I love the mood that this furniture in garden design can create, adding a delicacy to a garden that is hard to achieve with traditional garden furniture. Lovely if you have a direct view onto your garden from your main living space and need to project a pretty and attractive viewpoint. Coming in a range of colours it can also inject a healthy dose of interest during the winter months when it is hard to get the much needed colour in the garden from the planting.