Garden Art – Add a big dash of colour to a wall with outdoor canvas.

If you are looking to add a big dash of colour to an unslightly garden wall – or even wish to make a screen in the garden – using garden canvases are a great solution. The Big Art Canvas company are able to supply you with the perfect masterpiece to hang on your outside wall. The great thing about outdoor canvases is that you can select any image you like – something personal, something abstract, a landscape, something botanical, or even a reproduction of an exisiting masterpiece. Great for adding big blocks of colour, or covering an unsightly wall, they are portable and in most cases reasonably priced, so you can take them with you when you move or leave them where they are and commission new canvases that fit your new garden. The canvas is completely weatherproof and guaranteed not to fade.

I prefer using them hung as a series of 3 for creating a bigger impact, however they do work equally as well on their own.  See them in situ on our Funky roof terrace design.

Use in a series for bigger impact