A handy garden bench – zombie style!

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Zombie bench

I love something kooky. I think adding something into a modern garden design with an edge creates a talking point and packs the garden with pow. This ‘Zombie bench’ was originally built at the Pontoon Dock East London. It challenges the stereotypical idea we have a public and as well as being slightly apocalyptic you could also look at it as being quite cheeky. This London garden design bench was a winning entry into RIBA London’s design competition. The London Festival of Architecture launched a competition entitled “Pews and Perches” and this was one of the winning entries. It was aimed to create one of the seats to be installed at the London Pleasure Gardens which was earmarked as a festival venue for the Olympic games.

The Zombie bench was designed by creative London based Agency NEON and constructed by specialist manufacturers Gray Concrete. These arms and hands are highly detailed as real models were used. Details such as fingernails, veins and fine lines on the skin are visible. The arms and hands are positioned in such a way that they create a long seat. Eerie and beautiful. It’s really got me thinking about other concrete projects for the garden. Great if you could fill nylon tights and make a table or bench for the garden. I wondered if a series of rubber concrete filled gloves could make a jardiniere style planter. Denim jeans, make a tall tapered planter. Whatever you feel you can make, a cracking quirky piece of furniture can make or break any garden. I think the possibilities for using things for poured concrete seems to be endless, the the limit is your imagination.