Garden Design Advice: Family Garden Design

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This client wanted to revamp their existing garden but planned to move in a few years and so were looking for a cheap family garden design. To save cost the design would incorporate their existing patio, plus relatively cheap materials such as lawn. They also wanted a simple play area for their children. Earth Designs suggested adding a paved stone circle to adjoin the existing lawn, which itself would be shaped into an ellipse. A pathway running around the right side of the lawn to a children’s area in the back of the space. This would be enclosed with a picket fencing and contain a climbing frame, swing and maybe a den. Behind this area several silver birch could be included to increase shade to the children’s area, as well as affording some much needed privacy from the house next door.

A pathway arcs round the left hand side of the garden travelling down the garden to a shed or storage area. Planting in the garden could take the form of low maintenance year round interest shrubs, with the emphasis on leaf colour and form rather than showy blooms

family garden design
family garden design