Garden Design by Post – a Garden Design for South London

garden design

This client requested a Garden Design by Post postal garden design service from Earth Designs to offer some solutions for a small South London Garden Design. She completed our postal design questionnaire and returned it to us to deliver the 3 options. She wanted quite a traditional looking space with a feeling of natural planting. However the garden is small with a maximum floor space of 40sqm and high surrounding walls which caused the garden to become shady. She liked soft curves, needed it to be cat friendly and suitable for children to play in. She wanted something low maintenance with year round interest for all the family to enjoy.

She also has a roof terrace which required some thought to provide a usable solution as a secondary space. Desperately over looked and very sunny, the garden needs some solutions to provide shade and privacy. The roof terrace was used for dining and entertaining, a well as providing a bird’s eye vantage point to the garden below.

The three options provided some scope for thought in the Garden Design by Post for the client with varying solutions incorporating her responses to the questionnaire. Soft curves and a natural look in the garden where space is at a premium is not an easy task as curves are not the most efficient use of space.

Options for the roof terrace including integrated seating, raised planter beds and pergolas depending on the level of shade an privacy the client required within the space.

After some email corresponding the client chose option one for the main space and option two for the roof garden. You can see the project detailed in full in the plans below. if you would like a Garden Design by Post please get in touch.