Garden Design by post? – It may be the answer for you

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Planning your garden is key to its success, and having a Garden Design by post might be the answer. You wouldn’t build an extension by starting with the furniture that you are putting in it, nor is it likely that you would design and build it yourself without the help of an architect. Using a garden designer to help you realise the garden of your dreams, can actually save you money.

  • Many garden designers offer a postal garden design service. Should you find there are designs of their work you particularly like it might be worth you contacting them to see if they can plan your garden remotely. Here at Earth Designs we do many postal garden designs and have designed worldwide in this manner.
  • Garden designers understand how materials work, but understand sizes of pre-made paving, as well as installation techniques and will be able to best advise you how and where to deploy the things into your space without compromising existing structure, or undermining the house.
  • Using a garden designer can actually save you money. They understand where plants should go, what size they get to be, and whether they will succeed in the specific location. Even if you build the garden yourself, using the services of a designer to do your initial layout and planting scheme can prove invaluable.
  • Garden designers keep up-to-date with the latest products, materials, and installation techniques that are on the market. They will be best placed to advise you whether there is a solution for a particular situation.
  • Garden designers, spend their whole life immersed in the world of design. Through years of experience, they have learnt many design tricks and dealt with a variety of situations. You may find just simply contacting them for a consultation, they’ll come and have a look at your space, give you a few ideas and do you a sketch which might be enough to get you underway.