Front garden Design Clinic March 2010

garden design

Our client, Michael was looking for a front garden design. He has sent us these photos of his front garden, which desperately needs some attention and styling.  He wants to get away from the ‘domination of the car’, although parking still needs to be accommodated in the driveway to the garage.  Although not an experienced gardener, the main requirement is for greenery and ‘freshness’ to the front of the house.

Earth Designs suggests that by partitioning the driveway and keeping the cars to one side, the garden can be reclaimed for plants and people. By accentuating the currently underused pedestrian gate and creating a stylish pathway leading to the house, people will be more likely to use this entrance rather than walk across the driveway. A lawn will ease the need for intensive gardening work (although it will need mowing!) while leaving enough space for a range of attractive evergreens and herbaceous flowers.

If you would like the Earth Designs treatment, please call us on 01702 662 950 to speak to one of our garden designers in London.