Traditional Garden Design clinic

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Sue got in touch with us to come up with a traditional garden design. With dogs and chickens to accommodate as well as creating space for a kitchen garden and large lawn area, the space required careful planning to maximise its potential.  Sue is also a plant-loving gardener and wanted suggestions on the best places to show-off her flowers.

Earth Designs suggest that by maintaining sweeping curves in the main area of the garden, an informal relaxed style can be created to match with the rural location, and by making the lawn the central focus allows it to be expansive making best use of the south-west orientation. A new screen of willow hurdles covered in climbers would create a divide from the more functional spaces required to house kennels and chickens at the far end. With plenty of space for planting in the sunny areas around the lawn, a network of paths would link the garage, drive, house and kennel area.

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