Garden Design Clinic – August 2011

Grow a Friendly Space

This was a new build in Essex, and the clients had just moved in and were presented with a typical new build garden, which had been installed without any creativity of flair and so were looking for the London garden design team to inject some life into their space.

Earth Designs suggested the clients create a large kidney shaped lawn, which lead off to a patio directly cited across the back of the house. Her patio doors stretched along the back of the house and the patio can be accessed from any points. Running down the right hand side of the garden a series of lily pads constructed from circular decking, paving, and pebble mosaic, create interest as well as a unique pathway to the bottom of the garden.

Here in the bottom right hand corner of the garden decking steps led up to a circular platform from which the clients children could have a pseudo tree house and have their own area for a den or playhouse as the years went by. To the left hand side of the garden another large circular decked terrace allows for sun bathing, and can site comfy sofas. This area, it was suggested, was covered with architectural steel wire to create interest and add a sense of height and occasion to the space.

family garden design
family garden design