Garden Design Clinic – July 2011

Grow a Friendly Space

This client contacted Earth Designs about renovating their garden. They wanted a garden makeover that was going to allow for entertaining as well as family relaxation and fun.

They had lived in the property for a number of years and the children were now grown up and they were looking for a modern and contemporary garden design, to fit with the renovations they were making to the inside of their property.

Earth Designs broke the garden into sections with a large formal terrace stretching across the back of the house and jutting out into the garden itself. A pathway leading from this terrace down the side of the garden and across the back to the shed, allows for access to this area during the winter.

Directly in front of the terrace a long trough, block raised rendered planter filled with architectural grasses has created movement and helped to create a sense of intrigue to the pergola cited beyond.

The pergola, was to be a grand dining area, with a long bench table and seating. The pergola is partially covered with a decked roof from which globe lights can be hung, this allows the client to hang a variety of adornments to help keep the garden looking fresh, innovative and give a different appearance throughout the year.

To the other side of the pergola a children’s climbing frame was to be sited, to allow the client’s grandchildren to have somewhere to play and interact, but out of sight from the house.

family garden design
family garden design