Garden Design Manchester Before Shot

Garden Design Manchester Before Shot

This small south facing walled garden in inner city Manchester is in need of a complete overhaul. The client had recently bought the property and called Earth Designs to get some ideas of ways to develop the space.  It was quite private apart from directly next to the back door where a small dark doorway into the basement was overlooked by the neighbour.

Earth Designs created an area directly outside the backdoor for occasional seating and a display of summer containers and planters.  This area would be covered with a pergola to aid privacy.  A decked pathway will wind through the space leading to a circular sun deck in the bottom right hand corner of the garden. This deck will be large enough for two sun loungers to catch most of the afternoon sun.  A step will lead down into to a sunken conversation pit, also decked and containing a large semi circular bench seat.

A triangular segment where the path and the two decking circles meet, will house an S-shaped stainless steel water feature.  The surrounding beds will be filled with tall grasses and prairie planting to create movement and interest throughout the year.

Garden Design Manchester Sketch

Garden Design Manchester Concept Sketch

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