Garden Design Course – Introduction to being a Garden Designer

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Aimed at students who have just started a garden design course or are considering a career move.

Garden Design Course

Ever wondered what it is like to be a garden designer? Earth Designs Creative Director shares all the secrets, tips and potential problems from the world of garden design. The day session aims to give a ‘topline’ of ‘a career in garden design’ and is packed full of information and advice, including an overview of the processes that we employ here at London Garden Design studio – Earth Designs. It is a great intro to one of our other courses and can help the student focus on where to plug skill gaps and knowledge base.

Having taken an unorthodox route into garden design, and with nearly 10 years of experience of running our company, we feel well positioned to share the benefits of our experience, mistakes and triumphs. We can give you an insight into the highs, the lows and the hard work involved in running a successful Garden Design and Build business.  To get an idea of our style of work please Garden Design portfolio.

The day-long session touches upon all the aspects of running a garden design and build company.

The morning session tackles how to set up and run a successful design practice, from legal and H&S, through to how to work out your scale of charges. We will also look at the associations and organisations available to the industry, and explore how to brand your company, market your services and attract new clients.

Garden Design Course

The afternoon looks at account management: once you have the client how to manage the project in order to win the build. From the initial phone call, consultation and site survey, right through to presenting the plans, project management and aftercare, we will explore in detail the journey you will take with your client. During the course we discuss each student’s skill base and try to produce a framework for their garden design and landscape business on which they can build after the session.

Comments from previous students:

‘Folks, if you go to any garden day out it the Earth Designs Open Day. It provides an introduction to practical design and small businesses, and I found it a great source of knowledge. It is superb for anyone considering a career in garden design or who has just started a garden design course. Take my advice – get to one of these days.’ – Kevin 2008

‘The Earth Designs Open Day: what a lovely and instructive way for learning, with such skills and personality as Katrina has. I came from France and can guarantee this was the best idea of the year.’ – Alexandra 2009

The course costs £100 for 1 day. Maximum of 4 students per day.  For more information or to enquire about dates, please contact  See below for our full list of Short Garden Design Courses .

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  • Finding Inspiration and Creativity for Garden Designs.
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