Garden Design in Essex Diary Week 9

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Essex Garden Design Diary week 9 2014

Katrina has been busy working up planting schemes this week, one for the clients in North London, whose job Matt has just started to build, one for the final phase of our ongoing project in Walthamstow and one for a garden design in Essex client, whose garden in Goodmayes we completed over the winter.


Matt has been to conduct the site survey for the new garden design in Essex. The clients commissioned the design package last week, so it is currently the next project in the studio.


More work was done for the garden design in North London to get the next set of revisions across to the client for sign off. We await his response.


Matt has completed a quote for replacing some fencing for a client in Walthamstow. He has confirmed he would like to go ahead and just needs to get approval from his neighbour.

Matt has started work on the landscape build in North London. The project is a simple layout for a very small garden, where the client wants maximum artificial lawn for her young children to play on without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the space.


Katrina went to visit a potential client this week in Knightsbridge. They have a high end property which they are hoping to sell in the next month and are keen to provide the correct level of aesthetic treatment to the exterior space. They gave Katrina a loose brief and have asked for a quote for the works to complete in the next couple of weeks. Matt got back to the interior designer who is managing the project with a quote on Friday. We are awaiting his response.


Several new enquiries have come in over the past week, for which Katrina is currently arranging garden design advice consultations.