Garden Design for Children: Swingtime…

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No children’s garden is really complete without a swing and these simple swings from Marnie Moyle are just the ticket.

Marnie Moyle’s Monkey Swing

Constructed from long lasting Green Oak, in our opinion these swings beat any plastic offering. They are made without glue using untreated wood and strong naval quality rope that should last for years.

The monkey swings come pre-carved with the words ‘YEEE HAAA’ , ‘ALL ABOARD’ or ‘GERONIMO’ around one half of the circumference, or ‘AWAYWITHTHEFAIRIES’ in a continuous loop around the entire circumference.

But best of all we think are the double swings which you can have personalised with up to 30 characters of your choice. This makes these double swings for children or single swings for an adults the most wonderful present to mark a special occasion, such as a christening or naming ceremony. Not only will a children’s garden swing bring many hours of fun it can also serve as a memento to a special day or memory.

The swings are ideal suspended from a suitable bough of a tree. However, if you don’t have a handy tree don’t feel that this precludes you from having one. A simple, well-constructed archway or pergola can also serve as a suitable frame to suspend your swing – just make sure that the timber is sound and of suitable thickness to support the weight of whoever is likely to use it.

A Swing for two from Marnie Moyle

As Marnie herself says:

I like for all my work to be shared and yet  to be equally comfortable used alone. I chose the dimensions for the swings to be generous yet not too big for a child and not too small for continued use as they grow into adult hood. They’re not just for children.