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garden design

Katrina was busy last week advising on garden designs.

The first was in the Leytonstone, East London. The client has lived in the house for over 20 years, and was looking for a solution for both the front and back gardens. She would like to retain the front space and keep it looking like a garden, but also incorporate some off-street parking, there’s a drop curb and plenty of space which is great.

The back garden is to have the extraordinarily large trampoline removed and some careful reshaping and removal of trees to make it into a more usable space. A large ellipse of lawn, coupled with the curvaceous patio and the secret garden at the bottom will transform the space completely. Matt is due to attend the garden in a couple of weeks to do a site survey.

Katrina had her creative hat on this week, and locked heads with her colleague Joan to come up with ideas in producing an RHS award-winning show garden. Earth Designs plan to submit a garden design plan for RHS Hampton Court 2016. There are eight ideas which they were playing with. They range from two or three ideas for a family garden, a garden in titled ‘Take me to the Moon’, two gardens about the ‘Battle of the Somme’, A Garden for the ‘Child in all of us’, as well as the garden designed for teenagers. Joan and Katrina decided to work on The ‘Fly me to the Moon’ garden, the ‘Garden for the Child and all of us’, the ‘Teenage Retreat’, and ‘Working Mums’ garden. We will be working out the CAD models and fleshing out the ideas over the next couple of weeks.

Katrina went to see a client on Saturday. She was looking for a garden designer in Essex to transform their plot into something that was a little more family friendly. The garden was well planted but badly laid out and with children, this wasn’t ideal. Katrina looked at redesigning the lower area of the garden to include a trampoline, flower beds, and a play area. The pathway is to be relocated to allow for a bigger lawn. Whilst a lot of the existing planting will remain, additional planting will be included to create more texture and interest throughout the year.

Work continues on the garden build in Leigh on Sea, Essex. The Earth Designs team completed the pathway, it only awaits a gravel and sedum infill now. The lawn edging is partially installed and some sand base laid for the artificial lawn. Its starting to take shape and we’ll keep you updated on progress!

Katrina also went to see someone looking for a garden designer in Essex. They had a plot in Hockley and were having extensive elevations to the back of the property. They wanted a garden suited to a wide shallow space. Katrina set everything at a 45° angle, to create the illusion of space. The garden design included two areas of artificial lawn, a series of patios; one for dining and one for entertaining, as well as a dramatic yet simple stainless steel rail that travelled across the space diagonally.

A new website was launched this week. It is been a long time coming. Big thanks to Jo for seeing it through to sign off. We would love your thoughts and opinions, and these can be left on our Facebook page.