Garden Design for Free: Spiral Garden Design

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This garden design in Southampton looks at reworking a much loved garden that has been developed over a number of years. The client has worked on the garden piecemeal and is looking to unify the layout and introduce curves and swirls in the final design. They are quite overlooked from a few angles and require some clever screening and positioning in order to create a private intimate space in which to enjoy their garden.

Earth Designs has suggested a large spiral design as the basis for the layout with a table and chairs positioned at the wide neck of the design. Timber posts follow the curve of the far edge of the spiral, with wires attached to train climbing plants to help with screening and privacy. Two curved timber benches with built –in storage and hinged seat tops would be constructed along the edge of the arc. The second of these benches would be constructed in front of the existing brick wall, upon which we suggest the client could train an espalier fruit tree.

Flooring throughout the garden will be cobble setts with a shale mortar mix, interspersed with the occasional creeping thyme. Detailing is provided with slate tiles which can be laid to emphasis the arc.

family garden design
family garden design