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Big Ideas for a small garden design

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This client needed some big ideas for a small garden design. She was a keen gardener, and wanted to make the most of her space while minimising the maintenance. She was happy to get rid of the lawn, and wanted to create some screening on the left hand side to mask the view of the building to the back. There were two exits to the garden, one at the back doors of the kitchen, and one directly from the lounge down the side return.

Pushing the boundaries in a small garden

Katrina visited the client, and suggested some great ideas for her small garden design.
She proposed twisting the paving to a 45° angle to stretch the space. In doing so, it works with the longest lines in the garden and pushes the boundaries right out to the edge. The paving would run through the whole space, creating flow, but be a regular down each side to allow for planting pockets.
A raised railway sleeper bed in the small garden design would allow for herbs to be grown, and create a large area open out to allow for the addition of a garden sofa.

Small garden design ideas

Don’t feel compromised

Katrina explained that when looking for ideas for a small garden design, you shouldn’t feel compromised. By simply ordering the space well, a dynamic pattern could be created and most of the items on your Wish List can be incorporated.
At the side, two planters to help make the space more green. Boundaries were also important as they are technically the larger surface area in any small garden design. Katrina proposed the client install timber slatted fences.
The client went on to commission a design package which included visuals and a planting plan.

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