Garden Design Ideas inspired by Fritz Maierhofer.

garden design

 This garden design idea takes inspiration from a ring by designer Fritz Maierhofer. The piece is masculine, with bold, strong lines, and similar lines are used to carve up the garden. A slate pathway leads from a triangular area of decking, bisected at the opposite end by a second pathway leading to a further decked patio. Huge triangular archways span the pathway, giving the garden height and leading the user further into the space. Planting is solid and masculine with highly textured sedums. This garden design idea is very adaptable and could be suited to a variety of spaces.

Fritz Maierhofer is a jeweller, sculptor, furniture designer and graphic artist who has been working in London for several decades. The impression made by the vast construction work and dramatic changes to the urban landscape of London in the 1980s inspired his work of this period, as shown in this pin. The forms are derived from the steel-girders of buildings.