Garden Design Ideas based on design classics

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An iconic writing desk by the designer Edward Maufe is a clear Garden Design Ideas design trend for this contemporary garden design. Strong geometric lines create a bold elegant writing desk and offer a clear translation into a bold and dynamic garden landscape.

Garden Design Ideas based on design classics

A large patio constructed from black slate in a formal pattern large creates substantial entertaining area off the back of the house. Modular seating in the form of benches attached to block rendered beds and freestanding decking cubes on wheels mean the client can move the seating arrangement from left to right across the garden as the sun dictates. Block rendered beds of various heights, filled with spiky palms, create a balanced geometric form that dominant in the writing desk and help create division and focus for the space.

A large timber archway measuring 1m width and spanning two thirds of the garden creates an entrance with impact and the transition from the front to the back of the garden occurs. Passing under this archway you are then presented with a series of parallel laid tiles before a wider archway is upon you. Hanging from his archway are a Peres of reflective mobile shapes adding movement and light into the space. Another surface of slate tiles is sited before a second patio at the rear of the garden which forms the ‘ front porch’ to the large covered pergola/ den at the bottom of the garden in which suspended sofas and seating creates a stylish elegant way to watch the sun go down.

Planting in the space will be simple and stylish with Stipa Giganticea creating a planting mass through the centre of the spec with steeley blue lavender filling the beds at the side.