This East London garden design seeks to improve the usability and appearance of this large family garden without fundamentally altering the layout of the space.   Emphasis has been placed on entertaining opportunities, making use of terracing and platforms to combat the slope in the main section of the garden.

The existing paving on the upper terrace adjoining the house will be removed. To the right of the conservatory, and continuing along the sideway to the gate, the paving will be replaced with stylish and elegant Travertine tiles in a formal, ‘grid’ pattern.

This flooring will continue down the existing steps to the main garden and terminate in a small section of Travertine in front of the existing toilet building. The exposed face of the terrace front wall will be rendered and painted white.

To the left of the conservatory the paving will be replaced with a large decked patio, laid with attractive and durable Yellow Balau hardwood timber boards. This patio will extend out into the garden beyond the existing terrace and will feature two decorative inlays of Travertine paving.

Long, deep terraced steps will allow access to the lower garden, leading to a circular lawn in the centre of the space and a long Travertine pathway edged with decking running down the left-hand side of the garden.

The pathway will dog-leg to the right between two low rendered block raised beds and continue across the rear of the garden to terminate in a raised deck platform in the bottom right corner. This platform will be backed by a high L-shaped raised bed, constructed from concrete block, rendered and painted. The decked platform will benefit from an L-shaped ‘suspended’ bench seat, constructed from sturdy new railway sleepers and fixed to the front of the raised bed, plus a railway sleeper table and four railway sleeper cube stools. Terraced steps will lead from the platform to the lawn below. A second pathway, comprised of metre square decking ‘stepping stones’ set within a cobble path, will lead the user back up the right hand side of the garden to the paving adjoining the outside toilet block.

Planting will provide year-round interest with architectural evergreen shrubs and decorative perennial flowers to contrast with the green backdrop provided by the surrounding conifers. A bespoke trellis, constructed from a series of stainless steel tension wires installed vertically between timber posts on the boundary wall down the left hand sideway, will provide an anchor for a variety of climbers.



SPECIFICATIONS:Clearance and preparation
Remove existing paving (terrace)
Remove existing paving in front of outside toilet
Remove existing steps (left hand side)
Remove top coarse of front wall of paving (red brick)
Remove existing pathway (left hand side of garden)
Remove existing paved circles
Remove existing lawn
Remove planting where necessary
Waste disposal (skip hire (multiple))
Labour for above
Install decking to left hand upper terrace (including steps) and decked platform in bottom right hand corner of garden (including steps, paved path surround and
decked ‘stepping stones’), as per design. To comprise:
Yellow balau hardwood planed finished boards 145 mm x 22mm to cover approx. 77 sq. metres (including cladding of terrace steps and platform)
Tanelith-e treated softwood for substrate, support posts and step construction (various sizes)
Concrete to secure support posts (in ground)
Galvanised steel joist hangers
Climatec coated structural screws and decking screws to fix
Weed suppressing membrane
Disposal of excavated waste (post foundations)
Labour for above
All boards to be laid with expansion joints of not more than 10mm
All screws to be countersunk
N.B. As with several other hardwood timbers Yellow Balau is dense and contains a natural oil preservative, giving it superior weather resistance and
longevity. As such,Yellow Balau is not pressure treated. However, it will weather over time and lose its original colour. For this reason
it is recommended that it is treated with a clear decking oil periodically to enhance and restore the wood’s natural colour.
Install white Travertine paving to right-hand upper terrace and steps, pathway (left hand side of garden), cut-out in decking in left-hand upper terrace, and area
adjoining outside toilet, plus stepping stones as per design. To comprise
Excavate area to be paved (where necessary)
Install damp proof membrane to entire area to be paved
Lay approx  sq. metres concrete base at 100mm thick*
Install White travertine paving (500mm x 500mm tiles for terrace, 300mm x 300mm for path) to cover approx. 47 sq m. (including step treads) in grid pattern**
Render and paint step risers and exposed area of terrace front wall
All materials for above
Disposal of excavated waste
* Base to be laid with appropriate expansion joints @ 6000mm centres
** Travertine to be laid on flexible exterior tile cement. Tiles to be butt-jointed (i.e. laid adjoining each other without grouted joints). Run-off on the terrace
will be 1:100 to existing drainage points.
High L-shaped raised bed (behind decked platform)
Construct L-shaped rendered block raised bed behind decked platform (approx 1000mm visible height above decking), as per design/visual. To comprise:
Excavate and lay concrete foundations approx. 500mm deep x 500mm wide for bed walls
Construct walls (15 lineal metres at 1.5m (approx) high) for raised bed from dense concrete blocks
Render exposed faces of bed
Paint walls*
Line bed with waterproof membrane
Fill bed with soil**
All materials for above
* Client to choose colour
** Assumes bed will be part filled with soil taken from excavations for foundations. Some topsoil will be imported to improve soil quality.
Low raised beds (various)
Construct 2 x wedge shaped low raised bed around lawn and 1 x low rectangular raised bed along back of path at bottom of garden, as per design.
To comprise:
Excavate and install concrete foundations 300mm (deep) x 300mm (wide) for walls
Construct walls for raised beds – approx 34 lineal metres @ 500mm high from dense concrete blocks
Render exposed faces of raised bed walls
Line bed with waterproof membrane
Fill bed with soil*
All materials for above
*Assumes bed will be part filled with soil taken from excavations for foundations. Some topsoil will be imported to improve soil quality.
Railway sleeper seating
Construct railway sleeper benches and table, as per design:
1 x L-shape ‘suspended’ bench 3000mm long (per side) x 500mm wide secured to raised bed wall at 500mm high
1 x table 1000mm square x 800mm high
4 x block seats 500mm cubed
To comprise:
New treated Baltic pine railway sleepers 250mm x 125mm to construct
16mm threaded steel rod to secure suspended bench to raised bed wall
Fixings (timberlock screws)
Supply and install plants to bed and planters, as per supplied planting scheme. To include:
Plants as specified
6 x silver galvanised zinc planters 800mm x 700mm x 700mm
Soil to fill planters
Bark chips to mulch beds at depth of approximately 50mm
Labour to install
Supply and install approx. 60 square metres Grade A lawn turf
Lighting and electical installation throughout. To comprise:
60 x mini LED deck lights for decked step risers and main pathway decking edge (exact placement and spacing will be determined on-site)
50 x low voltage spotlights for planting beds
3 x ‘Nails’ stainless steel bollard lights
All necessary transformers, connectors and bulbs for fittings
All installation materials, including armoured cable, weatherproof boxes, rcd and weatherproof switches*
Electrical installation and certification** by qualified electrician
Labour to manually install fittings
* All electrical materials to be suitable for exterior use and rated to IP65 where appropriate
** A copy of the appropriate NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate will be given to the client on completion of the work
~ 20mm – 50mm Scottish cobbles to mulch bed to left of Travertine path and infill between decked stepping stones and travertine stepping stones (including
weed suppressing membrane where necessary) – to cover approx. 17 sq. metres
~ Tension wire trellis along left wall of left hand sideway as per design. To comprise timber posts in concrete foundations and four rows of 4mm stainless steel
tension wire system running vertically (5.5m long) at evenly spreadcentres
Agapanthus africanus Alba African lily
Buddleja davidii Black Knight Butterfly bush
Buddleja davidii White Profusion Butterfly bush
Buxus sempervirens Box
Choisya ternata Mexian orange blossom
Clematis armandii Clematis
Clematis Bell Blue Clematis
Cordyline australis Cabbage Tree
Daphne laureola Spurge laurel
Deschampsia cespitosa Goldtau Tufted hair grass
Echinacea purpurea Kim’s Mop Head Dwarf coneflower
Epimedium x perralchicum Frohnleiten Barrenwort
Eragrostis curvula Totnes Burgundy Love grass
Eryngium planum Blauer Zwerg Dwarf sea holly
Fatsia japonica Caster oil plant
Geranium clarkii Kashmir White Cranesbill
Geranium macrorrhizum Balkan cranesbill
Liriope muscari Turf lily
Lonicera pileata Honeysuckle
Mahonia aquifolium Mahonia
Phormium tenax New Zealand Flax
Ruscus aculeatus Butchers broom
Trachelospermum jasminoides Star jasmine
Verbena bonariensis Verbena
Vinca minor Periwinkle