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Garden design in Tiptree tips the balance

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Charlie and Liam needed a garden design in Tiptree, so gave Earth Designs a ring to book our free consultation. They had recently moved into the new-build property, and the interior was finished to their liking. As is often the case with a new build, the garden had just been turfed but otherwise provided little of interest.

Dividing the space

Katrina suggested that Charlie and Liam create two areas for entertaining. The first was to be directly adjacent to the house, featuring a large patio paved with white porcelain tiles. Slate paving planks created a pathway down the right-hand side of the garden to the second patio area in the back left-hand corner of the space.

The Designer Look

The main view of the garden was through the patio doors. Katrina wanted to ensure that an interesting tableau was created and framed in this vista, so suggested layers of vertical planes. The first, a dry-stone wall. The second, a box hedge. The third, real slate that was flush to the ground. A water blade would cascade from the dry-stone wall creating a spectacular visual from inside the house

Greening Up and Creating Structure

Box hedges were introduced to accentuate the strong modern angles. Lawn would fill the central space, while the beds were to be planted out with a combination of strong architectural plants in different shades of green. Finally, a raised bed made of railway sleepers provided a stylish vegetable patch.

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