This modern garden design uses the strong iconic themes of these art deco jug, cup and saucer. Garden Design Inspiration is shown directly outside the back door a circle of hardstanding gives easy entry into the garden. Constructed from self levelling concrete and edged in sandstone setts, iArt deco jug inspiration for garden design sketcht provides the strong monochrome colour scheme present in the inspirational ceramics. This arera would bel suits el for cafe style dining or for sun loungers depending int eh gardens aspect and it’s use during different times of the day. Slightly raised to the rest of the garden, this design for a garden with levels it has a step down to a secondary patio. To Mark this transition there is a stainless steel water feature in the form of a spout replicating that of the spout on the jug. It pours into a tiled mosaic pool. The patio itself is made up with a striking pattern of black limestone setts and cream travertine again imitating the monochrome palette. Defining the Sunday design on the crockery, it is laid in bold lines, fanning out across the rest fo the space. Large enough for a table and chairs, or sun loungers, it allows for dining to happen in a more central location in the garden. The sun rays continue across the space with hard landscaping being replaced with soft, as orniphogons (black grasses) act as a strong contest against lawn. Round the edge of the garden herbaceous perennials in yellows and oranges such as rudbekias and heleniums give a zesty palette, whilst hardy evergreens shrubs such as eurphobia and pachysandras provide form and shape throughout the year.