Garden Design Inspirations – ‘Abstract’

garden design

This garden design for an urban London garden, combines various aspects of Vanessa Bells’s abstract painting. The walled garden has several areas for enjoyment.  Directly from the house is a rectangular patio laid with Indian sandstone paving. Cut into this patio at staggered points are two long detail inlays. The first a pebble mosaic strip, which changes halfway down it’s length to box hedging.

Garden Design Inspirations - 'Abstract'

The second is a long decking pathway which runs the length of the garden. Constructed from hardwood decking, this runs to the second seating area at the bottom of the garden. The main feature in this area is a large water feature, comprising a raised mosaic pool fed by a bespoke water wall. Edging the pool is a fixed bench the same height as the wall, allowing the user to dangle their feet in the water on a hot summers day. Feature pots edge the area to give definition to the space and create the ‘room in the garden’ ambience that is so popular in gardens big and small. A central bed packed with colourful herbaceous plants further divides the garden, providing privacy for a hot tub jacuzzi and adding an extra dimension to this dynamic outdoor space